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The freaking grocery store check out line

Last Wednesday was a long day. Some sad things at church, some sad personal things: all exacerbated by hump day at VBS. I was exhausted by the time the girls (3: 8, 6, 1) and I got to the grocery store to pick up dessert and



I greeted my colleague this morning, and he reported that he read my post from Monday. It’s funny. I just started here this summer, and we did a lot of talking before then about how we would interact as colleagues, and as associate/senior. How we’d


A change has got to come

Last Thursday, several of my colleagues were in the car, driving to our staff appreciation lunch, talking about the housing market, property values and neighborhoods as one of our number will soon be moving out of state and trying to sell his house. We started

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What’s fair?

A meditation for Good Friday on three readings: I. Again the story is told Pilate, Pilate, wash your hands, Cry, “What is truth?” again. None asks or cares, these wiser days, Nor fears so small a stain. Peter, Peter, save your skin, Then futile, weep

Gun Ownership in America

The Rising and Falling of Many

The Rising and Falling of Many Luke 2:22-40, Hebrews 2:14-18, and Cesar Vallejo’s “Masses” Rockefeller Memorial Chapel Rev. Bromleigh J. McCleneghan 3 February 2013 May the words of my mouth and the meditations of all of our hearts be acceptable in your sight, O Lord,