I’d love to come speak at your church, conference, campus ministry, or other group.

My new book, Good Christian Sex came out from HarperOne in July 2016. Unsurprisingly, then, my focus has been on related topics in recent years.  Here’s a sample:

lived sexual ethics

writing about sexuality and faith


trends in sexual practice in the United States

the relationship between sex and love, and between love, sex, and faith

 If you’re in need of a speaker, drop a line. bromleighm (at) gmail (dot) com.


In 2016, I spoke

at the conference of The Young Clergywomen Conference in Boston, MA in July

at the Cambridge, MA offices of Google (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oqv-HKBRE58)

Lafayette College’s Sex Week on “Hot and Holy: Why Jesus Insists on Consent” in November

You’ve heard it said that good Christians don’t have sex before they’re married, but we’ve all known people who challenge that adage. So what does make a hook-up — or a relationship — both hot and holy?  Is the pursuit of pleasure the only norm we need?  The spirit of God’s law is far less concerned with a marriage license and far more with consent and mutuality, in my book.  Come find out why, and why holy sex is the hottest sex (whether you’re a Christian or not).

at The University of Chicago, hosted by Brent House and Lutheran Campus Ministries

at the First Congregational Church of Western Springs, to their moms in faith group.

on a number of podcasts and on the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Show

In 2017, I’ll be at 

Elon College

Foundry United Methodist Church

Loyola University in Baltimore

a conference sponsored by The Alliance of Baptists


My first book was about theology and parenting, and I’ve met with new parents groups and worked in Christian education and can speak to the good work of “doing theology” with children.

Before (and during) my studies in theology, I also pursued eduction in politics and public policy, especially child and family policy, poverty, economics, and religion and law. I particularly love talking about Christian commitments and the workings of society.

I will talk your ear off about authority and/or institutions and organizational theory, but that those are better talks for seminaries and young clergy groups.

I also enjoy leading writing workshops, especially for clergy, and helping young writers think through strategies to find homes for their work and begin to navigate publishing.

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My twitter tagline is "Fiercely interested in most things." Writer, mom, pastor, spouse, daughter, sister, citizen -- not in any order, and usually all at once. Nearly life-long resident of Cook County, IL, for better and for worse.

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