I’ve been writing about whatever occurs to me (mostly about children and God and politics and love) since the glory days of my college column, “Sense and Susceptibility” for Boston University’s Daily Free Press, and will write for just about anybody who asks, especially if they offer to pay me.

You can find my work in The Christian Century, on Ministry Matters and Fidelia’s Sisters, in Circuit Rider and Criterion, and at the website of The United Methodist Church.

If you do a google search of my name, and go far enough, you can probably find articles I wrote about “Eastern spiritual practices embraced by the stars” and “cellulite reducing pantyhose” published in small regional papers in the UK from the days of my study abroad internship in London.


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My twitter tagline is "Fiercely interested in most things." Writer, mom, pastor, spouse, daughter, sister, citizen -- not in any order, and usually all at once. Nearly life-long resident of Cook County, IL, for better and for worse.

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