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Privilege and Happenstance: My career in a nutshell

I’ve been watching — and pretty overcome by — the discussion following the publication last Friday of an interview with a woman who went out with comedian, actor and writer Aziz Ansari and suffered “the worst night of [her] life.”  It’s a surprisingly triggering story

Writing is terrible. Just ask the figure in Leonid Pasternak's "Throes of Creation"

Day Job

As a small child, I assumed I would grow up to sing on Broadway, preferably starring alongside Gene Kelly, star of some of my favorite musicals: Singing in the Rain, Brigadoon, and An American in Paris. I was not a little heartbroken when I saw That’s Entertainment! at some point and


A Review of Sorts: Not a Mistake by Amber Belldene

Now that I am a matronly lady, married for over a decade, I think I can finally admit on the internet that I’ve been known to read a romance novel every now and again. And not, like, Christian romance novels, or “Amish” romance, where everyone is basically


Read this book!

Anthologies are hard. They’re hard to sell to a publisher, in my very limited experience, and they’re supremely hard to edit. There’s often an unevenness in quality; a hoped for diversity of voices can often become more of a cacophony than a symphony. It’s extremely


Writing is good for you

In the weekly gathering of graduate students I coordinate at the Divinity School, we’re doing a quarter-long series inspired by NPR’s great tradition of soliciting essays on the topic “This I Believe.”  Ours are a bit longer, but I’ve been really excited to hear the wonderful

Can you tell he's annoyed I took his picture while he's relaxing on the patio?

A hip, hop, the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop

My beloved spouse, the talented, handsome, and recent wielder of pink-toilet destroying sledge hammers, Josh Hammond, has tagged me in a blog hop. I have finished and submitted my book manuscript, and am currently procrastinating on my Sunday sermon (it’s Wednesday, people), so it is

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The things

The last weeks (month? months?) have been ridiculous in these here parts. Work is busy and exciting and fun and frustrating and hard.  I have been attending to a lot of deaths lately, which, as you can imagine, is not exactly what I anticipated when

Buy this book.

Eleanor and Park

Here’s how good Rainbow Rowell’s young adult novel Eleanor and Park is:   *  I read lines aloud to Josh, even though he just read it last week. * I bring it into the bathroom with me before I climb into the shower. * I think about

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The Apple Tree Experiences Guilt

One of the critical and ongoing lessons of parenting — and, more generally, of living in the world — is that we are not our children, and they are not us.  Other people have consciousnesses, and personalities, and experiences all their own.  We share things,