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It’s 11:04 outside Chicago. The new President of the United States is speaking. I managed to watch for thirty seconds. He has an interesting relationship to the truth. Which is to say, he lies. He is not wrong that the progress wrought over the last


If we just let it be

The girls slept in this morning. We shipped the little ones off to my sister’s house and took our big girl to the library after starting a couple loads of laundry.  We floated the idea of going to the protest march downtown on Saturday. Fee


The New Reality

We went to a friend’s wedding at the end of October and when we got back, the baby was getting a cold.  She had an ear infection by Friday, when I left on the confirmation retreat, but was feeling better by Sunday when I flew



I greeted my colleague this morning, and he reported that he read my post from Monday. It’s funny. I just started here this summer, and we did a lot of talking before then about how we would interact as colleagues, and as associate/senior. How we’d


A change has got to come

Last Thursday, several of my colleagues were in the car, driving to our staff appreciation lunch, talking about the housing market, property values and neighborhoods as one of our number will soon be moving out of state and trying to sell his house. We started


Turning on a Dime

Palm/Passion Sunday As our service opened this morning, we heard proclamations of wonder and joy from the children of the congregation; we waved palms in procession, we sang all glory, laud and honor to our Redeemer King. We journeyed with Jesus into the city; we

H1N1 vaccine

The last, best thing: a few thoughts on vaccination and fear

As usual, a confluence of ideas and conversation leads me to actually post something on my blog. Yesterday, in Open Space, the graduate student gathering I lead, we heard a talk another in our (borrowed) series “This I believe.” The theme was “I believe people

Do you see her? How big and independent she is?

Six on Saturday: Car edition

This has been such a busy fall. This post, then, slowly muddles my way back into writing non-book-related-things.   1) I turned in what I hope will be the final revisions on my book this week. There may yet be comments from the publisher, and


The seamless garment of life

Chicago’s own Joseph Cardinal Bernadin, in a 1983 lecture at Fordham University, coined the phrase a “seamless garment of life” to describe the Catholic Church’s approach to ethics: the church had been known for its opposition to abortion, but being “pro-life” was about so much

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What’s fair?

A meditation for Good Friday on three readings: I. Again the story is told Pilate, Pilate, wash your hands, Cry, “What is truth?” again. None asks or cares, these wiser days, Nor fears so small a stain. Peter, Peter, save your skin, Then futile, weep