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The freaking grocery store check out line

Last Wednesday was a long day. Some sad things at church, some sad personal things: all exacerbated by hump day at VBS. I was exhausted by the time the girls (3: 8, 6, 1) and I got to the grocery store to pick up dessert and

H1N1 vaccine

The last, best thing: a few thoughts on vaccination and fear

As usual, a confluence of ideas and conversation leads me to actually post something on my blog. Yesterday, in Open Space, the graduate student gathering I lead, we heard a talk another in our (borrowed) series “This I believe.” The theme was “I believe people


An Alphabetical List of Baby Names Under Consideration

My beloved spouse, Josh, and I are expecting our third daughter in early May. We didn’t find out the gender of either of our first two, but caved this time around because 1) when you’re old like me, they offer screenings at every turn and

Do you see her? How big and independent she is?

Six on Saturday: Car edition

This has been such a busy fall. This post, then, slowly muddles my way back into writing non-book-related-things.   1) I turned in what I hope will be the final revisions on my book this week. There may yet be comments from the publisher, and


Somehow they learn things

I’ve been feeling guilty lately. We haven’t played any of the games in Fiona’s math sack for school in weeks. I’ve given up even fudging the sheet she turns in each Friday, spreading out the three games we’ve played before school on the last day