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If we just let it be

The girls slept in this morning. We shipped the little ones off to my sister’s house and took our big girl to the library after starting a couple loads of laundry.  We floated the idea of going to the protest march downtown on Saturday. Fee


Advent Moon

It is dark when I leave work in these winter days.   In the early evening, the moon has not had time to climb to any great height. Last week, just after five, it hung just over the horizon as I drove east to the

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Vast Rock of Materiality and a Real Angel

It was my great privilege to preach on Easter morning for the congregation at Rockefeller Chapel yesterday.  It’s been a number of years since I actually preached on Easter — and it’s the best and worst pastoral task: it’s the greatest story ever told! How do


Turning on a Dime

Palm/Passion Sunday As our service opened this morning, we heard proclamations of wonder and joy from the children of the congregation; we waved palms in procession, we sang all glory, laud and honor to our Redeemer King. We journeyed with Jesus into the city; we

My husband made this image for me because I would have had to pay for the "Ash Heart" on Shutterstock. So perfect!

Valentine’s Day/Ash Wednesday

My beloved spouse and I sat at the library on Saturday, as we do on many Saturdays; he working on a grad school paper, me trying to get a jump start on a week that will see the start of Lent Madness. I often have

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What’s fair?

A meditation for Good Friday on three readings: I. Again the story is told Pilate, Pilate, wash your hands, Cry, “What is truth?” again. None asks or cares, these wiser days, Nor fears so small a stain. Peter, Peter, save your skin, Then futile, weep

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Humor writing is hard

I did something dumb.  Fun, and innocuous, but dumb. I signed on to write a monthly “humor” column for the revgalblogpals.  In theory, I liked this assignment.  I am funny, I reasoned. I write. But this is ridiculously hard.  I’ve done two now, and the


The land that never has been yet—

I totally wept through the 4th of July parade that passed my sister’s house this morning. We all gathered there early, so we could park before the street closed, and get the lawn chairs out, and celebrate her birthday with egg casserole. I didn’t cry