It’s 11:04 outside Chicago. The new President of the United States is speaking. I managed to watch for thirty seconds. He has an interesting relationship to the truth. Which is to say, he lies. He is not wrong that the progress wrought over the last


If we just let it be

The girls slept in this morning. We shipped the little ones off to my sister’s house and took our big girl to the library after starting a couple loads of laundry.  We floated the idea of going to the protest march downtown on Saturday. Fee


Advent Moon

It is dark when I leave work in these winter days.   In the early evening, the moon has not had time to climb to any great height. Last week, just after five, it hung just over the horizon as I drove east to the


The New Reality

We went to a friend’s wedding at the end of October and when we got back, the baby was getting a cold.  She had an ear infection by Friday, when I left on the confirmation retreat, but was feeling better by Sunday when I flew


The freaking grocery store check out line

Last Wednesday was a long day. Some sad things at church, some sad personal things: all exacerbated by hump day at VBS. I was exhausted by the time the girls (3: 8, 6, 1) and I got to the grocery store to pick up dessert and


She said

I’ve been thinking about the Stanford rape case for weeks. Though the news cycle has moved on; though Orlando ripped our attention, rightly, away; though we are now concerned with Brexit — I keep thinking about Stanford. I was twelve years old when I first

This is actually an environmentally friendly shower head at WPI, but it looks like the one in my memory:

The way things were: Or, those locker room showers

On mornings when both of our big girls have to shower before school, we’re in a race against the clock.  Actually, most mornings, we’re in a race against the clock — one unwashed favorite shirt or lack of preferred breakfast options away from the late

Writing is terrible. Just ask the figure in Leonid Pasternak's "Throes of Creation"

Day Job

As a small child, I assumed I would grow up to sing on Broadway, preferably starring alongside Gene Kelly, star of some of my favorite musicals: Singing in the Rain, Brigadoon, and An American in Paris. I was not a little heartbroken when I saw That’s Entertainment! at some point and